Cheese Wiz

I am actually in the middle of modelling the Hellcat WW2 airlplane, but I ran into some problems texturing so…I decided to model my Cheese Wiz. There are two textures applied…

I need help on making it seem more realistic.

Also, the main lable is a clipped image, and it wont appear when I render using Yafray. How do I fix this?

The light looks a bit too strong. The highlights are blown out.
Maybe also have a look at ambient occlusion?

Keep it coming!

Will do…and I appreciate the help…I haven’t gotten much lately. Anyways, I was more focusing on texturing…not lighting at the moment. Although, I have heard you mention AO before and I will check it out.

Do you have any reason why YAFRAY wont display the clipped textures?

Alright here is an update!

I added a background picture…the best straight on shot I could find. It still is kinda at an angle but I tried to compensate for it. I don’t want to put too much time into the background because this is mainly a practice still.

I used Ambient Occlusion as M.h.p.e. suggested. What a lifesaver that technique is…it is kind of a built in indigo.

Also I created a fake counter in hopes to look like the others, I think that the x scale of the texture needs to shrink down some.

If you have an C&C please feel free to tell me, I am open to changes.