Some of you may remember these commercial illustrations we at ProMotion did earlier for Kraft, using their cheesesaurus character - well, we’ve done a few more since then (and some more in the pipe that aren’t public yet). Here’s a few of the newer illustrations that we’ve done since then.

Really nice, polished stuff (as usual!)
I’m guessing the client is happy!

Compliments on the anatomically correct guitar, too. All too rare in graphics these days.

Excellent stuff Broken. :slight_smile: Congratulations to everyone that worked on these!

I wish we could see him with some different facial expressions - a character like that could be fun to work with. I suppose you have to do what the client wants, though. :slight_smile:

I think it’s pretty cheesy if you ask me =)

cheers :slight_smile:

freen: yeah, actually as you may have seen at the Melbourne meeting, the final design the client settled on was a flying V-ish one (below), but we prefer the original :wink:

whoa look at that dino shred dude i think these renders rock lolz (agaaain)

It looks exactly like the one on the commerical!

I still like you’re cheeseasaurus.
I love ProMotion Studios!

Congratulations on making the banner!

Excellent work

I love this little guy! He’s SO cute!

Whoa, he’s got twin tumors in his knees :smiley: Are those new to the character, do ya know? I’ve never noticed em…

Anyway, awesome renders. Do you guys do commericials, or pics for the box and such?

what are the render settings? I’m currently making some illustrations with the same style but my renders are nothing compared to yours! cool.

those are fun, made me laugh, thank you sharing them.

Fantastic Renders Broken! :slight_smile:


inspring work. I have to change my Frogsu to become like this. Thanks for showing your art.

Fantastic!!! I love the mood! Great Job! :slight_smile:

Wow amazing ! could you post the wireframes??..

awesome man !

Thanks a bunch, dudes!

Sammaron: Yes the agency was very specific about those bumps :slight_smile: We’ve just done illustrations so far - as far as I know, the (very nicely done) commercials have been done by a studio in New York.

Jassar: It’s pretty simple actually - raytraced ambient occlusion on additive, an area light for the main key, and a couple of other fill lights (hemi and omni). The material is blending an SSS material and non-SSS material with nodes.

ledd: here’s a wireframe grab: