a quick little mdoel i did out of boredom. i’ve actually wanted to do this for a while, because i wanted to see if the blender wood texture would make good steak lines. well, it did, so i continued on. i’m really happy with the bread…
also, this is the first model i’ve ever actually finished. heh, aren’t i lazy.
all of this was made with blender, i used the noise and clouds and such for the textures. not that great, but, i was bored.

its pretty dark, but i get still hungry^^

I like it a lot, but make the bun brown, not yellow…
You might want to look up AO, it’s a really great tool. Just set the samples to at least 12 for a clean, unfuzzy render.
Love the textures on the bun though!

haha, yeah.
i heard about that…

yeah, i don’t like the pickles tho…
or how i did on the ketchup or mustard. i just got lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i agree on the colour, at the moment it sort of looks as if mould is growing on it. :slight_smile:

Most of the modeling is fine, try using the sculpt tool for the burger though, you never know you might be able to get a cool effect with that.

it looks that way because of the noise i added to it…

i dunno why, but i guess theres alot, even tho you can’t control how much to add…

Interesting, I see that you actually based it on a MacDonalds Quarterpounder, you got the color, texture, the entire look just right… You must eat(?) there a lot…

As for using Wood for Steak, just ask the staff at Macdonalds, they’ve been doing it for years…:evilgrin:


nice one.
heh, i actually didn’t base this on anything. i just started modeling. :stuck_out_tongue:

the bread looks… super moldy. Other than that, the texture on it looks awesome!

McDonald’s doesn’t use square burgers, Wendy’s does.

Also, I’d try using the cloth modifier on the cheese to see if it would give it a “melty” appearance. The lettuce looks good, but I second the moldy bread part. Change the color and add some sesame seeds. :wink:

once again, this is a fast food burger. the cheese doesn’t become melty because its cardboard, and the bread is always moldy.

haha, i know, excuses, but its fun to joke about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol… nice.

It gives it that lived in look, though what’s living in it, I dread to think…:smiley:

probably the anorexic cashier…

No offense or anything, but am I the only person who things this should go in the WIP forum?

The cheese and condiments just look completely flat, the burger’s texture is ehhhhh, but I think more noise and a much smaller wood pattern should be tried, or just UV mapping if you want to make it look real at all. The lettuce isn’t bad, but it’s hard to tell from the lighting.

The bread doesn’t look remotely like any bread I’ve seen, with that greenish yellow texture. The noise isn’t bad for it I suppose, but please make it a normal color! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and a minimal scene would be good for this. A plate, a napkin, a table, anything really.

i don’t understand, but on my monitor, the bread looks yellow to me…


You could make this a lot better with a little more work.

@zymn: What he said.

@Hobo Joe: Thanks a lot! Now I’m hungry… :frowning:

not bad but the bread looks rotten mke it brown

It’s true, the bun is green. also, the cheese is too much of a canary color. real fake cheese is more orange.
(edit) also, I think a musgrave texture would be much more appropriate for the meat. maybe add a bit of specularity for the grease too.