This is something I worked on a while back and was pleased with the result. Modeled in Blender and rendered with Indigo. Bon Appetit. :slight_smile:


Looks delicious!

Very nice.
Defidently doesn’t look like it was rendered with blender’s internal renderer.
to nice for that.
good work

I’ve seen some absolutely amazing things rendered with Blender Internal. It’s not a bad render engine, at all.

Also, looks excellent, quite realistic. The plate and the tablecloth don’t match the quality of the rest, in my opinion, but all in all very well done.

Great work, saw this on the indigo forums and was quite impressed.

Amro_Inflexi: I think that what he was saying is simply that although BI is a very good render (possibly the best internal renderer of any 3d package, besides maybe C4D) there is a difference in how they look, because indigo takes it physically based. Even Indigo and Vray or Yafray all look different, just because of the way they render things, so you can often tell what renderer was used. And I agree about the plate, but I think the table is supposed to be tiles, not a tablecloth.

Is that slice for me?