Cheesewax material... any ideas?

This is a hand made of cheesewax. You get red cheeswax on Edam, green cheeswax on Sage Derby and black cheeswax on … errrm … Snowdonia Black Bomber Chedder apparently. This may well be different in other countries. Cheeswax is sculptable, and has a weird greasy, SSS/translucent quality. I don’t know if it was used for stop-motion in horror films nearly as much as I think it should have been.

Any idea how you could recreate it I Blender?

There are multiple ways you could achieve this. Use the SSS shader, maybe translucent shader or even volumetric absorption/scatter.

I created a volumetric SSS shader a few years back - you could probably use this to recreate the material above quite easily.

Thank you… it looks like your material could be just what I’m after… with a lot of bump-mapping of cracks and fingerprints and so on…

…to make this clear - I want to use this for a fake-stopmotion project.

Just be forewarned - my material is pretty slow to render.

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Yeah, this looks totally doable on VOLUME instead of Surface, I´ll comp it later with weight layers… That´s to go economics on this mat. Otherwise, yeah, full SSS with lots of absorption on the G channel.

I wandered about volume… I may have to get some cheese and take some photos of my own to show this but particularly on the green version there seems to be some texture beneath the surface.

Of more interest to me is how you might then animate it. The OP sculpture looks distinctly “mummified,” and therefore creepy. You’d want that to remain if it was animated in a close-up shot – say in a nice horror film. How might someone do that?

What I actually planned on doing is having a low-res fluid sim flowing around the bottom of an empty concrete ruin (made of painted wood and nails) with beads for eyes and a displacement-map mouth singing a musical number about devouring everything.

My main influences:

My work on the project so far: