Cheetah - A small race car (update : Animation)

I started this car on sunday, it’s now finish. :smiley:

That’s a very good model, Speedtiti. Nice work. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I suppose you’re the one who will have to write a tutorial on car modelling in blender :smiley:

Well, I suppose you’re the one who will have to write a tutorial on car modelling in blender

yep, and you better get on with it!

This is a great car. Has some cool toon-feeling to it. Unfortunately the glass-texture seems out of place. It is rather dull whereas the other textures are really bright and fresh. Maybe make them more translucent.

Nice clean model, as usual.

I agree on the glass material though. Seems very flat.


The model is excellent!
But the materials need some tweaking. And there should be at least some structure on the floor, better lighting, smooth shadows.
Of course this thing screams for a little environment. All 3d cars I have seen so far were depicted standing still. How about a rendering showing the car from a cool angle in a curve (serpentines)?

again… :wink: come on with yafray render :slight_smile:


very nice!!! its like one of those miniture model cars

Very cool images, and a very cool cartoony style. Great interior, too. I agree with thorwil about an environment. A race track would look great, and shouldn’t bee too difficult to make.

A small animation is better to appréciate the model.

1.6 Mo DivX :

very nice dude closes mouth :stuck_out_tongue: i love it.

That really is an amazing car.

Keep up the good work, or at least if you do I’ll be watching. The video really does show how truly amazing the car is. Good textures.

The animation definately looks better, but I would turn up the hardness of the specularity on the still image. It looks like rough plastic to me, which I guess, could be what you are going for.? It’s a cool model though. Kind of a cross between a Corvette and a Shelby Cobra

That looks awsome but the tires are really smooth maybe you can add some treads. I don’t know how to do it but it would look cool