chemistry set

doing some abstract stuff for school. im very new still and was wondering how i can improve on this?
ANY help would be awsome, if it sucks pllls tell me:)


Cool modeling. I The yellow background is different. How did you make the tubes? What is the wooden thing?

oh, well im doing a triscuit ad, the copywriter came up with this crazy idea. anyway, i did the tubes with the bezier curves and bevelled it

the “wooden thing” :frowning: is a pepper shaker. maybe i should rotate it more.

I thought it was a salt or pepper shaker, the only reason I asked is that I did not see the tie in, I thought it was chemistry stuff. I did think it was a shaker though.

change to background–it’s worse than default blue!

before my retinas fell off, i noticed that you did a good job
you may want to try a 3-point light rig
if you don’t know what that is, google it
i’m too lazy