Chernobyl Pool

Just working on recreating the famous swimming pool in Pripyat. Any suggestion on direction is welcomed! Enjoy, and I look forward to any comments!!

Reference Image

WIP as of April 20, 2012:

Nice :slight_smile: It reminds of that sniping level on COD4.

Update as of today:

Very nice. Quite frankly, when I think of Pripyat, I think of the famous theme park or palace of culture. Pools good too.

Has this been posted before? I swear I remembered seeing this before.
And yes I know there is a COD map similar to this scene.

Now you’re not talking about the disaster site, are you?

Looks great so far! Just add more rubble in the pool like in the reference.

The block of flats to the left of the image is far too near. Otherwise, your’e heading in a great direction!

I thought the pic you posted was your reference image, lol. Really nice

Yeah I thought the first post was your ref image as well at first. Looking nice, think you need some smaller debris and it could do with looking more random in the foreground.

No, it’s the other Chernobyl in Rhode Island.

Oh, ok. When people doesn’t specify on a word that shares a relation with something else, I get confused. That’s just me. But honestly, I actually thought it looked like the disaster site.

I’ve definitely seen this in Call of Duty 4. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice work, from this reference, you’ve done a great job (so have CoD). Keep it up!