Cherries to you all :D!


I’m in the middle of doing YouTube lessons for how to use the nodes properly so the next video will be about how to make realistic cherries. First image below is the render and the last one is the ref. photo. I did one render before that which you can see on my Artstation page ( ).

Hope you like it :)!

Beautiful! Better than the reference!

The only flaw are the drops not affected by gravity, but it would be necessary to make them one by one…

Compliments, and happy Christmas!


Beautiful. It’s hard to tell which is which.

Thanks sourvinos and Emloa :). I see what you mean with the drops sourvinos, but it will be too hard to change it I believe. Only used metaballs to get it and going in to making them by hand…pheew… it would be a project of it’s own :D!

Very convincing, great job!

For those interested, I have now created the YouTube tutorial on how to create these cherries :D.
You will find it on:

Looks really nice! Definitely going to watch your tutorial.

Mycket bra!

Not so hard to do at all…I use a half sphere and som Proportional Editing… Nice work by the way…

Det är en vattendroppe…bara hundra kvar ;).

Yes, you can of course do it like that… but since it was a tutorial I thought it was good to show a little how you could make practice of the metaballs. I also think that I must change all the small ones to get it to look really realistic. I was thinking that I perhaps could shower it with a water simulation and that would do the trick for all drops… but if not I can of course “cheat” a little with the big ones as you have shown and the result would undoubtedly get better :).