Had some spare time and decided to create this scene, based on an image I saw a while ago.

Really liked the result and figured it was worth a share! :smiley:


How you made lights in this scene?
Is this HDRI envoirement texture?

The scene is entirely lit by this HDRI.

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amazing lighting and shadering :slight_smile:
good job :slight_smile:

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HDRI environment textures also bring light to the scene? Newbie here.

You can use:
Not everyone know which one was used when just looking at image.

What do you mean by “hdri + emission”

A HDRI environment is emissive by default. You can light a scene entirely using a HDRI.

You can use hdri and make 3d objects with emission material also lighting the scene. So you can have multiple sources of light. For example you can make cone or tube emitting light around object and you can’t get exactly same effect with area or spot lights.

Looks very good :+1:

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Great job! I especially like the cherries. They look good enough to eat.

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I see. Didn’t know this. Thanks!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you! :smiley: