This is a still I threw together of some cherries I created to be used in a video.

Clay render

Wonderful cherries:)

Absolutely realistic looking cherries.

Good job!

yummie … i would like to take a bite :wink:
Great. I would love to know if its a more complicated or simpler Material Graph.

happy blending

Great job! Just goes to show how textures really make the look complete and so believeable - how about you give us an insight into the texturing?

I like cherries shader, nice specular map :slight_smile:

Looks like a photo :smiley: Great work. Could you tell us how did you made or where did you get textures?

beautiful render! I love the shader as well.

Sorry it’s a little bit of a mess, the upper section of nodes are basically just two diffuses shaders mixed using a black and white image, you can see it if you closely at the dark cherry in the front. The bottom section of the node setup is just some bump and displacement.

Thanks, most of the realism here comes from bump and displacement maps, I tend to start with the bigger details first and then add the finer details. So for the cherries I started with a slight displacement to add some randomness to the shape of the cherries, I then added a noise texture for the smaller bumps and finally I created some small imperfections, just some random lines drawn in photoshop, and used it as another bump map. I had some cherries to use as reference. Reference pics are great, but nothing beats having the real thing to scrutinize.

I used an image of some fruit, I’m not even sure what it was, but it was converted to black and white and was used to mix two diffuse shaders. Most of the realism comes from the bump maps, most of which were blenders procedural textures mixed at different strengths and scale. The small imperfections were just a few lines and circles drawn in photoshop.