Cherry (cycles)

Good afternoon. This is my second attempt to achieve a photorealistic cherries with cycles. It is not easy but the results obtained are very encouraging.

Hope you like.

For a higher resolution image and the nodes of the materials can visit my blog.

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i agree that its encouraging but here are my few crits.
-turn the lights up a little
-add dew or some kind if wetness
-i think they are too shiney
I also think the cherries should have a nature themed backdrop to them as currently they seem to be reflecting what looks like an office ceiling or something…Either way i think youve done quite well :smiley:

Awesome! Really awesome! :smiley:

Cherry indeed!
I admired it in another topic, awesomeness!
You may share the node (or better noodle LOL) setup here.
It helps, people is thirty. :slight_smile:

Nice, the shape of the cherry is very good. Perhaps reduce that thick bulge in the stem a little, I think it gets just slightly too thick. I wouldn’t increase the light, I would go to exposure under the film tab and go maybe to 2 or 3. The material is just about perfect, I would suggest adding a subtle bump to it for the surface texture. Also, what’s up with the weird ghosting around the rim of the plate?

The scene in general is something dark and the reflection is a HDRI image study, and by a natural cambiare. As the dew I think it’s a good idea

Thanks for commenting

Of course if my blog is the two materials you use. This is the link

Thanks for such a good point. The ghost is an effect of the lens. It will correct it at the nodes of composition. The tayo has a subtle blow, I’ll put one cherry and so complete. Thank you all for such good notes and the great interest in my work that is so simple. Best Regards

I would like some Depth of Field. Actually you could really crank it up, I think.