Cherry Pie


(clayton.95) #1

Just a quick study to test my abilities modeling and shading with Cycles node setups at making food. I’m sure there are some areas that still need tweaking, but happy with the results. Let me know what you think!


(Sambor) #2

Looks nice and apetizing but if You wanna tweak some issues:

  • the table wood is to harsh, try decrease its normal/bump strenght
  • its very very noisy, especially the back edge of the cake where it meets the wooden background looks odd. Maybe use more samples or denoiser
  • the depth of field is either too shallow or focused on wrong distance. Try to make the entire cake sharper
  • the light coming from top-left leaves an unwanted reflection in the corner of the frame. It is somehow attracting the viewes eye and distracting from the main subject. Try too keep the background darker, so dark as in the top-right corner or even more, maybe use other wood texture. There is a plenty of tutorials about food fotographing on Youtube and you should use the tips in 3d art as well. Maybe add some secondary subject - a folded cloth or napkin behind the plate or a few anise stars in front of the cake.

(bill2reg) #3

Good start I think. It is a little noisy. I am sure that you modeled the fork nicely, but the angle you have it at doesn’t really make it look right. It’s an odd perspective of the fork. Maybe you could lay it across the front of the plate, or on the table, and even maybe a folded napkin as Sambor suggested.

(clayton.95) #4

Thanks for the input, really appreciate it! I made some adjustments now, the top render is the updated one. (more samples, focal depth, etc.)

(shatterblast) #5

I want to eat it.

(alf0) #6

i can only say wow
fast question, about cycle texturing,
one the black and white texture some time,s dont work on controlling the roughens as a mask texture , why is that? even though i set to a non color data
and how can i use an alpha Chanel texture with the principled shader?

(clayton.95) #7

Haha! thanks bro


Same. It looks so good!

(xDonnervogelx) #9

This type of cake is very cool. I would say, some of the hazelnut pieces that have down to almost no specularity lights are missing, but it’s still a very good work. It depends on what you are aiming for to configurate the shading. The berries for example are often a bit transparent, so a red shimmer is going through, if they are at the tip of the piece of cake. For the next one perhaps a bit less jelly-ish shading and it will look even more stunning - and tasta, haha. Good work (=

(Geographic) #10

I’m sorry it doesnt work for me seams a bit too NPR.

The white glow on the fruits is to hard doesnt match the glow light on the metal object (metalics should usually the most hard here). Also the fruits and jelly you better make them from different objects, so you then can explore volume absorption of the light in the yelly seperatly from the fruit material. Then half split fruit can have different properties too.
And then you can include fruits (or partly put the jelly over) , that would be more realistic.

(Wondra) #11

It looks really nice. Dust particles are added in post-processing?

(clayton.95) #12

Thanks! Yes they were

(Erisian) #13

That looks so real … and so edible!

( #14

You are going to share that pie right?