Hi you all, haven’t post anything in a while…

Since here we are in the cherry season, here’s my delicious cherries from this afternoon hobby time with blender…

UPDATE: Added new image on post below

Looks pretty nice and realistic that cherrys, and very delicius, nice reflections and very cool materials and lighting!

Well, thanks.

BTW, it is all made of procedural textures, except the HDR for the lightning and the floor of course.

And here is the node setup for the cherry body.

Suggested improvements will be appreciated, thanks.

This render is awesome. Love your cherry material



I got to disagree cherries are no were near this glossy unless they’re the artificial ones used as Christmas decorations.

To the OP turn down the gloss. A proper cherry has about the same reflectivity as an apple… it’s not made of glass.

amazing work!

This is really nice. Initially I thought the first image was a reference photo.

Steve S

The cherry materials are amazing, you have a gift. Thanks for node setup, that is very nice of you.

Thak you all for the comments, really appreciated…

As for the reflectivity of the cherries, well… maybe they really are a bit (but just a bit) too shinny ;).

Anyway thank for the comment.

Wow, my picture (the second one) just got featured in Blendernation, thank you so much. wooohhooo… :wink:

Keep in mind that not all cherries look the same. But this kind of cherries that kriptonboy wanted to depict are actually way more glossy than apples. This glossyness is its main distinctive feature. So, for what matters, the skin material here is quite convincing to me. Perhaps a bit too shiny but perfectly acceptable in terms of realism.

What doesn’t convince that much is the woodden floor and the shadows of the bowl and so. But overall and for the work done, congratulations!

Thank You Sir.

Just adding some wireframe and clay render…

Beautiful! A tad too reflective I think, and a couple of the cherries seem to be floating, but otherwise very appealing.

Congrazt, are very nice renders, the materials of cherrys looks great,

very realistic yes. Congratz.

Very wonderful! It reminds me of the cherries my grandmother used to grow on her tree. I would love to see how you did the stems too, material wise. Keep it up!

Here you have the nodes setup

Node setup for the stems

and node setup for the leaves

Hope you like it :wink:


man the materials for the cherries is great. it may seem like a simple task but the node setup proves this shot takes skill great work!