Just waiting for spring…

Higher res here~


Beautiful work) She is similar to Sakura from Naruto. IMHO :slight_smile:

Another stellar work. Beautiful.

@FanFanya - Thank you! Haha they do have similar colour schemes :smiley:
@Safetyman - Thank you, Safetyman!

OK, she’s beautifully sketched. Great coloring and clothing meshes. Great expression and hair. If you like that sort of stuff.

Really well done! Great work!

Amazingly good. i take it you work for pixar or disney or ILM… Anyway, the only fault i can find is it does look like she only has 3 fingers.

REminds of that young guy this style, very nice!!!

she is super cute…I realize how creepy that is :slight_smile: but she is cute.

My only criticism is the hand needs a little work.

This is fantastic work. I’m curious as to how you get your cloth folds so nice. Are they modelled in place or is there any simulation involved.


Great image, I think you did a really good job with the facial expression.

I’m waiting for Spring too :smiley: Great work!

Oh wow :D. Thank you so much for all your comments guys! Ahaha I never noticed how weird the hand was, but now I can’t unsee it :P.

@karismatic prik - Thank you! Yup, the clothes were simulated in Marvelous Designer~
@gregzaal - Thanks! Ahh I didn’t realise they were making another animation, but wooh its looking brilliant!

Whe dont they seem to finish them lately, the last 2 are not finished and look like small parts. I find that a pitty or am i wrong here?

omg beutiful how do you make clothes they look so realistic omg ;-;

can you please record your work and just make a timelapse i would love to know your workflow ;-; youre just amazing at this

Very nice! Only thing that struck me as odd is the fold of the yukata from her armpit to her breast, it doesn’t appear very natural and if you look for reference on yukata’s, that’s not how they seem to crease either.

@GloriaTheAnimat - Thank you! I simulated the clothes in Marvelous Designer~ Ahaha maybe someday, but honestly my workflow is a bit of a mess :stuck_out_tongue:

@Furik - Thank you Furik! Yeah, you’re right…I did have some issues simulating the sleeve and I couldn’t get rid of that crease…I still gotta lot to learn about cloth sim :smiley:

Just grab the cloth and drag it a bit so it drapes nicer near the arm pit :wink: