Chess Animation Number 10 by novice blender user


I know this is not the best, but I enjoyed putting it together.

I don’t like the ending, and the start needs a longer time to focus on the game.

Things I need to work on:
-slowing it down
-and sometime fun at the end like an explosion or something like that.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you


hahaha that was fun !

I think it works, you’ve got your very unique style :smiley:
what troubled me the most is the checker material, depending on the lighting/POV the colors are quite similar and hard to read.

adding an explosion or something at the end could be fun to add !

You should keep improving it until you feel it’s right, or you want to move on to something else !

There is a lot of things to fix to give it a more professional look, but that’s something you’ll get naturally by making more projects. For this one that would probably means reworking a lot of things and you’ll loose the spontaneous and funny vibes it gives.

For the next time :
Rather than having only one shot and an continuous/complex camera move, you can split the sequence in several shots, and then each of these can be much simpler.
That can help a lot, but it’s also easier to make mistakes.

Most of the time beginners tends to do very long shots because it’s more intuitive but somehow fail to get them right or to give it a professional feel. That’s natural , because even an experimented professional would have a hard time to get something clean given the same action.

You can imagine that like filming a sport event. You put different cameras, and switch from one to the other depending on what’s going on. That plus reading some basics rules / advice when filming a short film and you’ll be good to go !


Thank you so much.

I will be a huckleberry! Two different shots! That makes so much sense. The material and lighting I will work on later this month (I definitely agree that they need work :grinning:). For my next week’s project, I will have two shots at least.

Again, I really appreciate the time you gave and your advice.

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Awesome !
Keep having fun doing these !