Chess arena

I have been working on this for a little bit now. I originaly rendered it with yafray but i switched back to blender internal.

Im not too happy with the accual stands, any crits on them would be greatly appreiciated. Also, the yellow chess pieces are referees. I really want to add some atmosphere to it, but dont know how i would go about doing that.

It is a arena for chess, with chess peices spectating the chess match. I might update it later on

lol it’s very cool. :smiley: ever consider using yafray to render it? i’m sure it would look even better.

I did for the first time infact. after tweaking for 3 hours with horrible results and horendus render time, I stuck to the orginal.

It could use a little bit more detail on the tower, horse and queen. Otherwise it’s good.

As you said, this pictures lacks some atmosphere.
Maybe you could bend some of the spectators to show there interrest in different parts of the game. Also they all are placed on a perfect circle ! They all are simple single same pieces.

Well done btw.


I like the way your knights look- quite interesting

maybe some stronger light for the scene itself?

Its color im trying to add. so far I have added grass (no particles) to beneath the chess board.

I still find it funny that some people call the Knight the “Horse”

Anywho onto the pic

I really like it, althought I do not feel that the AO is needed.