Chess Dragon

Hello everyone,

I’m not sury if I’m right here in this category. I’m still working on this project a long time and I think it is nearly finished… but it is not finished complete.

At the end of 2011 I made the tutorial series ‘stylized dragon’ on blendercookie. This was very nice and I learned a lot.

Here the results:

At the same time I finished with my chess project, also posted in another thread here:

So in my crazy mind the idea was created to put these two projects together.

And until now there are two results:


For me the BI-Render is finished, i hink so…

But the cycles one… well, I’m still learning… :wink:

LOL. I like em both and combined.

The second picture of post two is better imo; I think it needs a bit more illumination around the front of the dragon. Very nice though, and original which is always nice to see. That makes it art imo. :slight_smile: