Chess game (and first post)

Hi, i’m new here so I hope i do this right:
It’s a chess game I made i Blender, exportet with Yable and rendered with Yafray.
C&C are VERY welcomme. :smiley:

Do you have experience with other 3d-programs? For a newbie is this a masterpiece, lol. The only crit is that the pieces are a bit too shiny, don’t you think?

By the way, your signature is the same as the signature of an other member, don’t know which one; or he has changed it or he didn’t visit this site for a month. I don’t say it’s a stupid signature, I think it’s the best sentence ever said!!!

P.S. Do you play chess online? Maybe we can play a game.

That one has real style with it. I could have better background than darky bg though… Any way keep up the good work!!!

looks pretty cool . whats with these people and chess lol. model something gnarly :P.

My first post, too! :slight_smile:
Good work! man~
I’'m still learning Blender, hope someday I can show mine.

good to see new blenderers lol :P.

I am happy to be a blenderer. :smiley:

good for you dude blender rulez.

This is cool.
We not only have a chess board but we also have a chrome ball.
All we need is a castle in the background and we have a perfect first post. :smiley:

I like this by the way.
I’ve never tried modelling a chessboard myself - maybe I’ll try that some time.


I think that, more than not/shiny-textures, this (great!) pic could be improved with lighting. All of the light comes pretty much uniformly from everywhere, all seems to be in the same color and so-on. Variations on that will, just by themselves, make the pieces look better.

It would also be very nice to see some kind of context in which the board is sitting. Is this in a museum or a bar?

Nice and shiny, looks very expensive.

Thanks for the comments!

Do you have experience with other 3d-programs?

yes, I’ve been doing some Povray with Kpovmodeler as frontend. And after all I’ve been jusing Blender for a while, just never showed it to anyone before. :stuck_out_tongue:

All we need is a castle in the background and we have a perfect first post.

I’m sorry I forgot that :wink:

The only crit is that the pieces are a bit too shiny, don’t you think?

Yeah, it’s too shiny, but it can’t all be perfect %|

[!] THE FOLLOWING IS OFF-TOPIC [!] (sorry for this)

I’m also a user of KPovModeler from the start of it (I discovered POV-ray through KPM). I felt enthusiastic enough to join the development team as documentation writer: the basic tutorial inlined with the documentation is from me, and I also wrote some other tutorials displayed here. Unfortunately, due to overhuge lack of time, only 5 out of more than 12 tutorials are online, and all in french except the first three.

I still have to test JMS’ POVANIM script in order to model/set in Blender and see how the result could be imported into KPM. Have you tried this?


Hey olivS, I have not been using KPovModeler for a very long time cause I thought it had become commerciel. So insted I looked for other 3d-applications and found in the first place XSI EXP. I was very fond of the GI stuff, witch Povray didn’t support, unless you used MegaPov wich didn’t work with KPovModeler, so I forgot about Povray. But after a while I was tired of only making pics with watermarks. So I serched some more and found Blender wich I have been jusing together with Yafray since.