Chess game: Multiplayer (HotSeat) - No AI

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
This is my first post here, yeeey xD

OK, so i want to start working on my first game in blender, and i want it to be Chess for 2 players on same PC. I’m very good with modeling and i know basics in python but i don’t know where to start on this one. If you guys know some tutorials or something that can help i would appreciate it a lot.

Thanks in advance and Hello Blender community :slight_smile:

Start modeling the board and identifying the squares. Then each piece and the movements it is allowed to do. Niceties later.

I’d say download the API to your computer or keep it always open and go from there. Also, be sure to keep this forum open and use the search.

Lastly, post the questions you have here without fear. People and welcoming and are quite helpful. Check youtube for some tutorials about this and that, especially about those specifics you can’t quite nail on your own. If your experiences get you nowhere, post the question here.

Also, make a cube move on a plane. Impressive how much you can learn with that simple exercise. :slight_smile:

Thank you Sir for your encouragement :slight_smile:
I made the board and pieces and im now learning how to move things. Here, one quick render in cycles.

nice chess set model!!! the glass pieces is a sweet touch!

That looks impressive, alright. DAYUM!!!

Thank you guys :slight_smile: long way to go tho