Chess Game

Hey ppl, i’m working on my chess project and this is what I made so far. I need to model the other pices but I wanted to know if its a good start other wise i’ll quit it now :stuck_out_tongue:

Check it out and tell me:

It took me 3 hours to render :stuck_out_tongue:

------- EDIT -------

when I look at it now… I think I made a little mistake. I think that a chess board has more squars??

No has any comments at all? :frowning:

It’s quite clean. The black squares reflect more than the white ones. I don’t know if this is what you wanted, but I would make them reflect equally. Maybe you should add some proceduras to both of the materials to give them some variation.

The little soldiers look ok. I think you should give it a little something to make it your own. These chess-things look a bit the same to me.

Yeah I agree with the reflection, I didn’t wanted it like this but I forgot to do the same with the other material. But when I look at it now I think the black squars reflect to much so i’ll add some other things to it.

Good try;) .I think that black pawn mut be bit dark.Here is my pawn:

And you must put some more geometry to pawn i think also:) .What render you use and from where you get that material or you make it alone?

It’s an okay start, I’d see about increasing ray depth, keeping the glass IOR at around 1.50. And turn on Transparent shadows for the materials.

I dont understand you…? You want to know how I made the glass object?

And about the the ray depth I know I already wanted to use that but some how my yafray does’nt works :S I already downloaded it but still. No image wont render…

good work!
If you do the rest of the pieces, it will look much better
good luck!

I finished the towers, queen and the king but i’m now working on the knights. These are really hard to moddel. But i’ll upload an update render tonight when its finished.
Any1 has any usefull tips on how to moddel te knights?

Organic things are always hard, you might wanna come up with your own unique design knight! :smiley: Be creative, find workarounds… you know. Else you can just make a brick knight with sharp edges and all.

PS: If you want your scene rendered soon, send it to me, I’ll render it.

Ahh, I came across the very same problem when I did my board. Basically what I did is I looked at my reference knight from the side, and cut up a plane until it was in the shape of the profile of the knight. First you make crude approximations, then add vertices and make it look better. Then I pulled out the vertices to various depths, duplicated the plane, and mirrored it to make the other side of the knight, then welded them together. After that I tweaked it a bit, to make the mane and such. If you want to see my knight model, I have my chessboard blender file here
It’s not especially accurate, but it’s hard to tell when your model is transparent anyway.

Hope this helps,