Chess Game

A chess animation I made, so the models don’t go to waste :slight_smile: Looks better in 720p

Rendered for 2min/frame to approx 1k samples on a 7970 using SLG2

I think the transparent and reflection looks good but makes it hard to follow the game. Well did you win or did you win?

This is nice. It could have been better with some camera mouvements, but it’s already great. The chessbord shader is nice

Great idea and looks awesome!

My only critique would be to make the movements slightly more dynamic, maybe as the knight rises and moves towards the center of the board, he could be tilted, as if the “air” affected and added a “force” while it moved, other than that, really nice!

@kazinger Ok thanks, I should do another one with marble pieces maybe :slight_smile: Well, OC I won when I finished the game :stuck_out_tongue:

@Nico Theb. True, even some slight movements would have been better I guess, haha the chessboard isn’t a shader, its modelled :slight_smile: I have an AMD card, so I sued SmallLuxGPU, which has no procedual textures.