Chess Glass

I’ve been working on this kinda loooking forward to it.
It’s one of those Glass chess things:yes:

Any feedback or comment’s welcome’d and how i can improve it.
And if someone know’s where i can get nice Glass texture’s since I can’t make any use of these They are great but im not getting the dark Glass right.

Hi Wentzel

I guess it would look very nice if you used an hdri image to light the scene. At the moment the glass doesn’t have any environment to reflect.

Hi @MrSloane

I’ve never heard of an Hdri image or how it’s spelled.
Is it some type of texture ?

What do you think is an appropiate background colour for this type of image ?

Thanks for the comment’s.

HDRI lighing is when you assigning a background texture in the world settings and then turn on environment lighting and setting the value to background texture. That way the lighting will be defined by the background image and you will also get a reflection on your chess pieces. If you look around there are some tutorials about but it isn’t too hard. (i think :stuck_out_tongue: )

nice models btw

Thanks dude!

To tell the truth the texturing took longer than the modeling, For some reason i suck at assigning the right texture expecialy when it come’s to clossy or transparent texture’s.

Thanks for the comment’s il update today or tommarow with the HDRI lighting.

Hmm… I wouldn’t suggest playing with glass pieces. My grandpa accidentally broke wood pieces, and glass doesn’t seem much sturdier. I’d suggest using a background so that the glass actually has something to reflect and refract.

Im trying to that but i have no idea where to look for an HDRI Example or written tutorial as i am unable to watch video’s because of my slow internet connection.

Hi Wentzel

You might find some free hdri images (to get you playing around with them) here.

Download a free image from such a site. And load it into the world –> texture ‘image’ texture slot. Then apply settings like these (off the top of my head). You may even delete the lamps in your scene if you want to rely on hdri-images only.
I hope this might help.

Thanks dude!

Looks good but i can’tt find HDRI image’s with no background image’s, in other words they all have some sort of object’s or terrain in the background which spoild it.

Thanks for the info very usefull for future lighting.

One last question for the black glass, How do you make it darker but still transparent/Alpha it’s only outline’d and has a transparent middle part’s.

Thanks for the reply’s.

I finally got some free time and just Edited some Materials.

Looks a bit better with more lighting.
Any suggestion’s on improvement for the next update?

Thanks for the reply’s.

The chess pieces look fantastic! I’d work on maybe giving the board a slight texture…noise or marble or something like that, and give the world a background as was mentioned before. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an HDRI image, but it would help. And, it doesn’t have to be an image of anything in particular…it could be just a pattern or something. Either that, or put this chess board on a table or something…give it an environment to live in, know what I mean?