For my final project in woodcraft (to complete 9th grade):

Very nice work! If I had any money I would buy it. :smiley:
Maybe you should make it in 3d.

looks beautiful. Looks like you’ve put lots of care put into this. What’s the pieces and top made out of?

it looks very nice. you should take the time to stain it.

but then again, if it has a finish on it, i guess it would be tough to.

Thanks :smiley:
Yes, I have thought about making it in 3D, but I’ve got some other unfinished projects right now (don’t we all…). The chess set itself is made of alabaster (a bit like marble, but translucent and more beautiful :D) What exactly does ‘stain it’ mean :P? English is not my primary language and I haven’t got a good dictionary around. I varnished it, the external parts were covered three times with a non-glossy protective varnish.

Wow… can i have it?

:o :o :o

Beautiful! The lighting could use some work, tho. I love your textures! The materials are wonderful! :wink:

Great job on that, it’s really impressive. I wish they sold more things like that…
Staining is putting ona sort of liquid that soaks into the wood and “stains” it a different color, always darker. It almost always improves how it looks. Even if you can’t stain it, it’s beautiful the way it is!

9th grade?


VERY nice work

Not very good. i like it a lot, but the mastercard knock off killed it. As it does everything. j/k

Looks great! Great UV mapping, no crits from me (:P).



Nice wood work. Would be nice with a dark non glossy finish.


That’s a beautiful chess set Carnivore!
I love a natural finnish for pine. Good looking joints too from what I can see.

I had several wood shop classes in highschool. Loved it!

Remember: “Measure twice, cut once!”

Joke: To help your newbie friend remember this rule, the first time he cuts a board too short, send him to look for the “board stretcher”. :wink: Send him to ask friends who are in on it. He’ll go nuts looking for it 'til it finally dawns on him ain’t no such thing! :smiley:

Worked on me! :stuck_out_tongue: Coach used to send us all over the campus!

nice job! chess is a great game, i hope you get lots of use from it. :slight_smile: