Chess kings

My second finished image in blender :slight_smile:

Render information:
Time for modeling, lighting and texturing: 2 hours
Time for render: 30 mins.
OSA: 11

What did you do for the lighting? It seems to need a bit of help, but perhaps you achieved the solid black through PPing it. Anyhow, the kings need a bit more space, they’re too closely enclosed by the spot. The lighting needs help. It would be neat if you had each of them a more blatantly different color. Perhaps add some fresnel if you’re using raymir, which it looks like you are… The image also looks oddly compressed. Nice job, though.

The kings are remodeled. I made this king from a mesh circle, extrude it and apply a subsuf. The new blend filesize with the three kings is 260Kb.

The old king was make with bevOb. The blend filesize with two kings is 457Kb. !!

The crystal material:

Rendered with radiosity.
The scene have 3 lamp spot and 3 planes with emit to 0.4, for radiosity.

Some scenes values:

Radiosity Hemires: 1000
Radiosity Max Iterations: 1000
OSA: 8
Render time: 11 Mins !!! (the last render was 30 mins).