Chess Piece: The King!

Hello All,
This is my first render at BA since I started out with Blender last month. In the first image, complete lighting is with the HDRI image I found at Second image has typical cycles lighting system.

Hope you like it. Critiques are welcome!

Very nice :smiley: I like it!

Great job on a first model. Not real keen on the material you choose. How long did the modeling take you?

Thanks :slight_smile:
Modelling took around 2+ hours. Basic model was ready quickly but the proportions and the creases took time. Regarding the color, I wanted to give it a glossy yellow as in here. But because of my lighting I couldn’t achieve it. While experimenting I stumbled on this, which looked somewhat like Gold to me, and hence I applied it :slight_smile: Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

looks nice! would like to see it with more mirror on it :slight_smile: