Chess Pieces

(Pooba) #1

Here are some chess pieces I modeled, i was trying to make them for a website thing, but i don’t think i’m going to.

What do you think?

I couldn’t figure out how to make the pieces white, i could only get them gray. How can i get them white?



(shibbydude) #2

Some options:

  1. Try setting “shadeless” and using a colorband from gray to white. It is covered in this toonshading tute: Actually you might have seen this before. This contains a .blend file and I think some text as to how to understand it.

  2. You could also ramp up the [emit] value if you want it to be a crappy white color.

  3. Set some high intensity spotlights in their own layer with the peices. Then set [layer] in the lighting buttons. This will give the front some nice white but the back part will suffer.

  4. Don’t use white peices at all. Be creative and give them chrome or fuzziness or something.

In my opinion #1 or #4 are the best options but it is up to you, my friend. White is a very elusive creature in Blender. Good luck and for God sake, turn on OSA in your next rendering :)!

(Pooba) #3

OSA? i’m confused, what’s that? Sorry, i’m kinda a newbie with rendering stuff :-?


(TheHobbit) #4

I have no idea what OSA stands for but…its anti-aliasing

If you turn OSA on it will smooth out the edges of your pictures getting rid of the jaggies you find when you render on different levels according to the number.

(shibbydude) #5

I think OSA stands for OverSamplingAliasing. I am not sure. Anyway…
Go to the tab that has a button called [RENDER]. There is a button that says [OSA] with [5][8][11][16] under it. Push the OSA button and then select 5. If the edges are still jagged select a higher number but 8 should be good in most cases. So the buttons should look like this:

(without the yellow boxes)