Chess Pieces


I am kinda new to blender, and this is my first “real” render I’ve made. All of my other ones were just me messing around.

Anyways, I need help making some pieces for my chess board. I’ve made the pawns already, because they are simple enough. What I did was make a cylinder, then make it flat, then repeated extruding the top layer of faces, and changed their sizes.

I need help with pieces such as the knight. Because it needs to be a horse, or something similar maybe.

I have rendered what I have done so far to give you an idea. I rendered this with Yafray, FYI.

Thank you,


Doesn’t seem to me like a real question. Don’t be afraid to post in focused critique :slight_smile:
but then this should help u move on with the pieces…i guess modeling a knight is the toughest…once u’ve done that it’s a piece’o’cake

For the pawns, you made a cylinder, and extruded the top.

For a Knight horse head, it would be better to make an outline of the horse head, and extrude it from left to right.

Then you can use the “bevel” script on the edge of the horse head to make it rounded.

It is still going to be difficult to do.

good luck