Chess Pieces

Well, I was bored, and I just wanted to make something, then I saw this thread and it reminded me I used to want to make a chess set, but didn’t have the skills. So, I made this one:

All models, materials, everything was made in Blender. Except for the background pic, that came with the computer as a desktop background.

Rate and CC welcome.

…one color…no winners, no losers…have fun

One color?! It looks like two colors to me. The white pieces did come out more gray than white, though…oh well.

Oh, yeah, I just noticed the king and queen are in the wrong places on the far side of the board too. Oops. :o

Fine, since nobody likes the first one, I got a wood texture, changed it a bit for my needs and the different areas, and redid the board. Oh, yeah, I changed the lighting too. I think it looks a lot better.

One quick comment - from each player’s perspective, the far right corner closest to him should be white. Your render has it backwards; just remember “white on the right.” Once you fix this, you’ll see that the king and queen of the white side need to trade places. :wink:

Oops. You’re right. Thanks.