Chess scene


I’m a student of computer graphics in Prague. After getting some grip on numerous algorithms for rendering and shading, etc. I’ve decided to try something also from the artist point of view :).

So this is my first ever work in some 3D modeling environment. After some thinking :eek:, I’ve decided on creating a complete chess set. It sounded easy enough to begin with (after completing some beginners tutorials).

Here are some screenshots:
1.meshes from blender




Chess set

And finally some renders:

So, any comments appreciated, folks :smiley:

Ahh, a chess-board, one of the classic 3D-scenes.

To really start pushing boundaries I’d recommend going for extreme rendering fidelity (as you can’t really make the whole scene more detailed).

The things I’d do to this scene to spice it up:

  • area-lights
  • probably full GI-rendering
  • add a blurry and darker background (to make the board feel like it is actually standing in some room or at least some context)
  • Depth of Field (zBlur might be enough, but full Yafray dof may be even better)

And if you really, really want to push it to the limit: make the pieces coloured glass and use full caustice in an extreme light.

Have fun!

you could also move the camera closer and almost make it feel like you are in the game. eg… make it so that you can almost only see one piece. (just a thought:))