Chess Scene

I am making a short film that simulates what is widely considered the greatest chess game of all time known as “Kasparov’s Immortal”

I thought that I’d post its progress here for some constructive feedback on whatever might be wrong currently, as it is very much a WIP.

Of course, I need to compose the rest of the scene. But, for now, how is it?

Thanks for the time!

try adding some displacements, bumps, and imperfections. especially to the wood frame and the checker board.
some times making it “worse” will make it look better :slight_smile:
also do some lighting, and find a more interesting camera angel. currently the image is really boring, and looks like every other image i would find if i googled “chess board”.

nice WIP so far, but needs a few tweeks :slight_smile:

I’d say work on the chess piece materials. Right now both sides look like they are made out of cheap plastic. I’d use light and dark wood, since the shape is classic Staunton, so the classic material is wood. Say, maple and mahogany, or birch and rosewood.

You have one wood grain, for the dark squares on the chessboard, you could use that. The white chessboard squares should probably be replaced with whatever wood grain you choose for the light pieces.

And, unless you have some killer ideas of your own, I’d research how cinema presents chess games, perhaps starting with that game in the Harry Potter movie.

Here’s an update:
I still need to add “imperfections”, but I did add a displacement. I also added a background tile floor.
I will get better angles later, for now I need to work on the project as a whole.