Chess Set (finished? any comments)

well i havnt had many ideas for things to make lately and i was cleanin up around the house when i found a chess set and thouhgt i would give it a go…any way all i have done so far is the pawn but what do you guys think? textures may not be final but they look ok so far i think

nobody interested in this i see? oh well did some more work today got the rook done let me know what u think

alright this is the last of my work for the night…these things are pretty easy to make…this one only took ten mins texturing and all so far ive spent a total af mabey half an hour on this project…here is the bishop what do you think…oh yea and i was looking ahead and thinking the night might be kind of hard…you know make a horse head and all…so if anyone has any tipso n how to do that,…untill then i guess i will leave it till last…tomorrow i will probably do the king and the queen
any ways here is the bishop

another update…made the queen…king is next i still need suggestions on how to do the knight…i also did a quick test on the board and it looks really good but im not posting it cuz it still needs some work
here is the queen what do you think

nobody interested in this i see?

no its in a early stage so its kind of harder to comment, the modeling looks ok and i like the texture just keep going

here is the king…

i reall need some pointers on how to do the horse thouhg if anyone can point me in the right direction…as of now i guess i will work on the board…

not a whole lot going on the last couple days havnt had time to blend…but here is the board took about 10 mins to get the textures right

figured since i have most of the stuff done id put it all together and see how it looks
what do you think

ob yea and i figured out how i will do the knight but i will do that on the weekend
c ya for now

k i think im done if anyone wants to comment on aything before i move this to the finshed projects forum it would be great
i finished the knight but didnt bother posting it seperate figured id just show it all composited together
what do you think

Looks good, but normally the bishops have a diagonal slot in the top.


Depends on the Country in EU the bishops are without that cut !

The table and pieces look finished maybe some tweak on the light!
O and get some refrection on that table :evilgrin:

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by table do you mean the board? because if you do the board has reflectoin on it…unless of coarse u just mean the white plain that it is sitting on?
as for the bishopes i think im going to leave them the way they are

The pawns seem a bit large. It looks like all the pieces have the same size base, I think pawns have a smaller diameter base than the other pieces. On one of my sets the king and queen have the largest diameter base, followed by the knight, the bishop, the rook, then the pawns. On the other set the bishop and rook have the same size base.

Should be simple enought to fix with the scale tool.