Chess set in wood!

I decided that i need to improve my model skills a lot so i decided to try and make a chess set, i need C&C what to improve. Should i use a area light instead?

Good, but IMO the wood “shines” a little too much. Other than that good job :slight_smile:

Wait, doesn’t the groove in the cap of the bishop go at a slanted upward angle?

Oh, the wood can be shiny if highly polished.

tweeby -

I can see the wood grain, but I think it could be better. Rather, I think it would show better if you changed the world color from the blue to something a little closer to sunlight or even incandescent light. That blue environment isn’t doing your pieces many favors. I bet if you change that it will look much better.

The other two things that immediately came to mind were to use an area light to soften the lighting a bit (what you asked, I agree) and secondly to “scuff up” the board - add dirt and grime - not a lot, just enough to make it a bit more real-world. Yeah… contradiction in terms… rendering the real world.

I know you wanted input on your modeling, but that will be loads easier if the pieces are more easily seen.

Best of luck!


Thanks for the replies soon gonna post some improvements just wait!

Okay here are the things i changed:

New world color

Added a King

Added som dirt and bumps in the board

Is it to much dirt on the board and should i add a hemi light to light it all up a bit?

If you haven’t already, turn AO on. It makes any render look a gajillion percent better and gives a better look at the materials.:slight_smile:

As for the wood, you might want to try what I do: Get a premade material from a library and tweak it to your liking.:o

Typically, the slot in the bishop is more of a slot- think a groove from a saw- than a mouth. Also the grain on the pawns doesn’t look right. Aren’t pieces typically cut so that the round shape of the grain faces upward? It may just be personal opinion, I don’t know.

Yeah i realised (don’t know how i spell it) that it forgot AO, i’m going to change the wood materials too.