Chess Set-need help with knight.

Hi, I’m was making a chess set and my efforts at making a knight were terrible. If anyone has a tut. or some pointers, I would really appreciate it. I tried making the knight with mirror and subsurf, but it turned out looking like a donkey with a bunch of artifacts.

And screen shots will have to wait, my computers acting funny.

you find a nice tut here

Thank you, but I’m looking for how to make a knight, I already have the board and all the other pieces.

the bottom part of a knight is round, like the rest of the pieces, but the top half is a lot more rectangular. I recommend either finding a physical object knight piece or an image of the profile. if you make the bottom half and top half as separate objects, that might help.

profile looks something like

/ /

I also have a chess knight model on this computer, if you really want an example to work with. (Just say so)

@ almost, that would be great! Thanks

Alright, here you go. It’s really low poly, but it gives you a general shape.


knight.blend (124 KB)

Hey, here’s a chess set I modelled a while back. All the pieces are box modelled and use the subsurf modifier. I’ve attached the knight for you to examine, it’s far from perfect but it should get you started.


knight.blend (153 KB)

Both knights are much better than mine was, though i think i’ll be using Almost’s just because it’s more of a template than a finished product. I want as much as possible to be my work, but thanks to all.

Ghazwozza… your knight and bishop are backwards… :smiley:

hopefully i’ll have some more renders soon.


Looking good.



Great scott… your right!