Chess Set (unfinished)

So this is my second project, a chess set. I have done it now like 5hours, and it is really nice (I think so) but i really need some advices and tips, so please comment it. C&C needed! :slight_smile:

(jpg made it bit inaccurate, but its ok)

EDIT: Only problem here is that it takes 30minutes to render it :S any ideas why?

EDIT2: Ok i finally got it finished :D… I made it all day, i mean like 13h so the pic is here… BTW: rendering time was 56min :smiley:


looks very nice. it tryed making a chess set before but never finished it. keep it up and dont give up.

i think that the bishops could be a little rounder, i dont know wether its the render or not but they look very ovalish.

the red and green texture looks amazing, way better than a standard black and white.

The rendertime is due to your reflections, lighting and such. It’s something you’re gonna have to live with. But it’s looking amazing. Keep it up!