Chess Set

The tools of blender for modelling are great! :slight_smile:

I tried to make a chess set a lot of times (in 3dsmax and lightwave), but never terminate it (I am a not good modeller).

A front view:

A top view:

I like the gold and silver materials.

Well, only two pieces for end the project.

Render time: 120 secs. each image.

That’s really looks like gold!!!
Could you post the material configuration?

Thank you!

The bishop:

The head of bishop is not a boolean operation, because I had problems with my subsur. I edit and move vertex to vertex. %|

The gold texture is made of arnaud0:
I change some values a bit.
This material remember me to C3PO, from Star Wars. :slight_smile:

I only have to make the Knight.

Nice work viriathus. I wouldn’t mind having a set which looked like that!

Would be nice if you made a chess board for the background.

The bishops are the neatest. I like those.

The set pieces are complete.
This render has AO, and take 30 mins.

The knight need more work, the head is a bit big and the neck need more detail.

The next fase is the board.

The size of the file is 528Kb., with 16 pieces.

That doesn’t need AO. Just try soft spot lamps.

very nice material indeed

Really nice Bricks! :smiley:

I’d add that final touch of elegance - beeing used - if I where you.
Add fine darkened-antialiased hairline cracks into the models,
maybe even light-white surface scratches and dust as well, this
will make ALL the difference from CGI:…trust me!

(and that’s REAL hard to do…I know…shudders) but now
that you’ve come this far…the real challenge starts.

me saves material config

Very nice work on the materials. It’s close to PR, but not quite.

Hey that’s really nice… I like it … finally a good looking chess set … my compliments…

Now, of course, you’re gonna have to make a good looking board…

Before the chessboard, I want to make a real illumination. What do you think?

I apply a bit of blur with Gimp.

No lamp, only radiosity is used with one plane light emit.

Render time: 30 mins.

Radiosity values:
Hemires = 1000
Max iterations = 1000
Mult = 5
Gamma = 2

I have problems with some parts that have a lot of vertex:

When change the subsur from 2 to 1 in the king and the bishop, this artifacts go out.

How correct this? The image is “real”?

Please, comments

The gold in the image looks very good with this lighting. The light could be a bit brighter though. And what is that lightspot below the knight? It seems as if it’s not supposed to be there.

And about the knight. It looks a bit silly, as if he’s got a beergut.

About your surface errors, do perhaps have triangles in that area? Or it’s just that there are too many vertices. When you clogg up a lot of vertices, and crank up the subsurf, the surface tends to get bumpby.

great render with radiosity… it’s not a common thing to see and it is very nice!

I’m assuming you’re using raytracing… great work so far.

The last image that I post had radiosity and AO. The next image have only radiosity:

Is too dark?

Well, the illumination is “finish”. The next stage: chessboard.

Comments and critics are wellcome.

A zoom over two pieces:

I’ll change the pink color by blue.

I think it actually would be nicer if the pieces would be one material … like in the very first pictures… I also see some jagged lines in the closeup… You’ve got osa on ?