Chess set

not a whole lot to say…took about 2-3 hours probably and with subsurf on it came to 132 509 verts textures are all uv mapped and AO is on with OSA on 8 and one lamp to make some shadows

Looks fairly nice, but the texture on the edges of the chess board is too big, and distorted.

yea i noticed that too…the edge closest to the camera is messed up as well…you can see a big black line…if you think it is worth it i might find a better texture for it

Looks good, i don’t find the texture at the edge of the chess board distracting but the black line is either where the texture has messed up or there a normal facing in the wrong directing (Ctrl-N will sort that out). Also i think the chess pieces could be a bit more defined, they could benefit from some more detail, then this will be great.