Chess Set


This is a recent rendition of 3D chess set. Made in Blender, of course, and render in Indigo.

I am not that big of a n00b, I just like making chess sets.
Just want to hear what people here think about it.

Also, when rendering in Indigo I noticed that normals matter a lot and if normals are flipped they render as completly black, no such problems in YAFRAY or Internal render. :spin:

WELL MADE!! the lighting is something!!

Very nice. Though the knight and rook have a heavier feel than the other pieces. And yes, Indigo is very picky about normals, but look at what it gives you in the end.

The knights and rooks do look a bit over-sized compared with their companions, but otherwise that’s a great-looking chess set. I want to play it! Let’s see, pawn e2 to e4. . .

i like the black material better than the white that in my opinion lacks in mirrored reflections. Good work and very good rendering

I really like this rendering! The reflections on the figures (especially the black ones) are great! But I agree with Eterixel: The white figures should be more reflective…

Have you tried to make the chess-table transparent - like the glass chess sets? I think that would be nice and would make a more luxury look - Just an idea… :smiley:

Really nice work, keep going! :slight_smile: