Chess Set

Working on my first Blender project, decided to try a complete chess set.

Any comments/critique/advice is welcome :yes:.

Looks good. I would make the Rook taller.

Thanks, I’ll resize the pawn it is a bit large.

Just finished the Bishop:

1 comment? Great community lol.

lol… same thing with my posts… 4 views, 1 reply.

Looks great so far, I especially like the rook. do you have an actual chess set you are modeling after or are you just modeling from your head?

Have you thought about what material you are going to use? the most interesting chess renders I’ve seen are when the material is something other than just the plain black and white… there are lots of different options: metal, glass, marble, etc.

The only criticism I can think of right now is that the rings near the top of the bishop are a bit thinner than you would typically see in an actual chess set. otherwise great work so far!

Thank you very much, I’m using this to model from:

I wanted to make them wood, but I’m having a difficult time making a wood texture for the pieces. Until I find a good wood texture guide I’m probably going to use these textures:

I was two steps ahead of you lol, I did chrome and glass already. Marble sounds interesting though.

Yeah the rings are pretty sharp I’m going to round them out thanks for that.

If you want critique, post in the focused critique section. WIP is for showing your artistic process, BTW what is there to talk about…they are chess pieces. Almost every new modeler does a chess set first, because they are very easy, and you can hold them in your hand, and turn them all around. The only one who will comment on this stuff is a newb like me.:smiley:

I don’t want to argue but if so many people do chess pieces surely they can find something I need to work on just like the first two replies, and if I know the internet everyone wants to give out their opinion. I guess you guys are too good for chess pieces lol :p.

He’s right I’m afraid. WIP threads are simply to show off your process. To show a history of each piece. If you want critique you want to post in the Focused Critique forum.

That’s funny because the section description says “Post all your current work in progress in this forum, and get feedback from others”

Reference material!

They look pretty good with the HDRI.

Thanks the only problem is that I used a low res HDR image for the reflections, when I try to load the same image in hi res it fails to load. I think it may be a bug in 2.5 Alpha 2.

I would say they’re too smooth, and that you should add more edge loops, but that’s mostly depends on what you think looks better. Also, making fun of the community your trying to get feedback from is an excellent way to not get any. If you want more feedback, post more work, I’m sure you noticed an increase in posts the more work you posted.


I’m not making fun of anyone, and I’m trying to keep the pieces simple because in the future I might put them in a game.

The wiki has a guide to wood that you may want to investigate.

You definitely should give a go to wood materials for the pieces, but don’t forget to try them all :D. Looks nice so far, just really go for original materials!

@keifer I tried that guide but I couldn’t translate everything to Blender 2.5 A2 :frowning:

@wooden dog I’m getting distracted by other things I’m trying to model but I’m going to focus on finishing them now :).

I hadn’t even touched the 2.5 series builds yet, so it didn’t really cross my mind that the tutorial would be in a different interface than what you have.

I grabbed a copy of 2.5 and did a quick run through of the tutorial to make sure there weren’t any feature regressions at the moment; everything works. I’ve attached a .blend of my scene with the texture set up, which will hopefully be useful for you. I’ll be the first to admit that it is quite sloppy, but it might be enough to get you started.

All of the interesting bits are happening under the textures tab and with the position/scaling of the empties located in the second layer. I also turned on Ambient Occlusions and Reflections, but that was just so I could play with the 2.5 interface a little. :slight_smile:


quit copy.blend (625 KB)

Oh thanks I appreciate it! :slight_smile: