Chess Set

Well I didn’t have anything better to do so I decided to make a chess set.

I’m actually almost done with it but I decided to post it anyway.

I still need to darken the scene a little, make a char back for the left side, get rid of that glow in the upper right hand corner, and take a larger render.

Crits would be appreciated.

Wow, the depth of field is very tight. You should make more of the scene come into focus, otherwise there isn’t much to see. However what I can see does look pretty good. Some great materials there.

I love the style of the board with the elevations and such.
some pieces bug me though.
The rook looks like a bishop.
The knight and bishop look the same.
And something, i dunno what bugs me about the king and queen.
I like the pawns though, they have a very nice style, but the rest of the pieces imo dont fit the style.
And yeah the image is to blurry.

Yea I fixed the dof last night, also changed the king and queen last night. I cant really get them right.

Here is a current screen. I have to make all of their bottoms match. Some of them are differently shaped.

I might just remake all of the chess pieces instead.

edit: I think I like it more with the set being organized instead of in the middle of a game.

edit2: I agree with you DDD. All the pieces are completely just wrong looking. I was extremely tired last night while I was making this. Sometimes I can’t sleep for anything and have nothing better to do than get on blender until 6am.

I like the new colors, and the new camera angle. However i think the reason the in-the-middle-of-the-game render looks worse is because you kinda bloked the game with the pieces in the “graveyard” i think the whites should get the side closer to the camera and the blacks the side furthest away, and maybe dont clump them all at the edge.

But I think you should make 2 renders one in the middle of the game and one in the standard position.

On another note…what happened to your robot/gun project?

On the robot project - I am still trying to think of a really good background and pose. I was thinking maybe a factory interior, nothing to intricate though.

The two renders is a good Idea. I’ll do that.

I think on the clump, I’ll just move the pieces under the ledge and put a tally sheet and pencil there.

Also, any extra ideas on how to make this scene more lively. I’m making some photos and frames for the wall. and I think I’m gonna put a lamp in the corner that makes the light.

It seems like I’ll have to do all of this tomorrow, I have to leave for the night, soon.

Could the tile material be used on the pieces?

Are you using AO?

Yea definatly and i thought about it. I don’t know if it would look good though. It prolly would. Well I’ll have to try it when I get home. ( I just got so tire of uv unwraping, its a pain.)

Sorry, I went blank. What’s AO.

Ambient occlusion (under the world tab)

Oh I knew that, i just had a brain fart. No i’m not using AO right now.

Oh I just thought it would help show more seperation between the board and the pieces. Errr and the pieces closest to the camera are blurry, kind of confuses the focus of the scene. Also it might be interesting to make the graveyards on either side of the board into pits with the pieces strewn about instead of standing politely lol.

As far as the image is concerned, it looks like you have some ghost reflections in the second render. In the bottom right corner, it looks like there are 6 pieces that are just floating out in the middle of nowhere, but we can’t see any corresponding pieces.

There also appear to be some jaggies between the chess pieces and the wall in the background, most likely because the z-depth pass doesn’t get anti-aliased. Try enabling Full Sample under Anti-Aliasing in the render properties. It’ll take longer to render but should fix that up a bit.

As for the game, it’s not as much of a problem for a game in progress like the second render, but when you’re starting a new game like in the first one, the queens should be on their own colors so that they’re directly across from each other. Also, based on the way you modeled the shapes, it looks like you put the bishops in the corners when they should start right beside the king and queen. Just swap those and you should be fine.

Besides that, I like the style of the pieces and the board, and you’re on the way to a good render once you get those issues fixed.


Thanks for all of the feedback. The only thing I didn’t understand was the “jaggies”. Well I think I know what you mean, but i don’t see them.

I couldn’t remember if it was the kings or queens that go on their own colors. Thx

All of the pieces are in their right places on the first render(except for K & Q). I was just really tired and modeled them kind of weird. I want to remodel all of them except for pawns, and bishops.


I did a render or two with AO but I got tired of it taking a while.

Ah, the jaggies. Look at the white piece furthest to the right in your second render. (I still think it looks more like a rook than a bishop…) If you look at the top of it, you can see the way the pixels have a sharp, stair-like edge instead of making a smooth line. It’s also noticeable on the top of the second pawn from the left.

The lower right part is a little too much blurred.
4/5 though :smiley:

I see it now. I’ll work on it. I just noticed the reflections of random floating pieces on the right. I have no idea what that’s from. I do have a lineup of my pieces on the second layer but I didn’t have them both selected during the render. Maybe I did.

If i didn’t have that corner blurred you wouldn’t even be able to see the depth of field and It would have been pointless. I really like dof renders.

Well I just got back home and did a little bit of work on the scene so here it is

Hehe, close but dad is winning!!
I like the cup.
Still didnt redo the pieces?

Yea my dad’s just to smart.

I’ll redo the pieces soon. I just wanted to get a better feel for the scene.

You’ll get your new pieces soon DDD. :slight_smile:

I remodeled the rook and knight, and gave my pieces new colors. I kept the same concept for the knight, but just changed it a bit.

wow. awesome! cool chess board and pieces… and the coffee cup is nice touch too.