Chess - Total Defeat

My last work. Hope You like it.

If You want to criticise, I will be honored :wink:

Modeled in blender 2.5, rendered with LuxRender 8.0, Postproduction GIMP.

higher resolution

Wicked. I think it is very cool. The idea is awesome and it is well executed. I love the evil king.

The queen needs to be more powerful in keeping with chess, she needs to look like an assasin imo.
Edit: Is the one with the swords the Queen? If so yhen disregard.
Too much noise, and too many firelies. Composition wise, we need something to connect the upper quadrant with the lower, too cut off in the middle. Maybe more of a pile of pieces with the king’s head sticking up over the lip, right at the feet of the evil king.

Overall, it just looks great. :slight_smile: Thx 4 sharing.

Awesome. Fun idea.

Criticism? I don’t know - the bad guys do sort of blend into the background a little. And the high res shows a few little modeling details that could be sorted out (teeth on rook and bishop)
Queens swords are badass.
Pawn is funny.

What’d you render with? Internal?

I like this one. the concept is very funny.
Only critique for me would be the edges of the “Chess” text that are a bit too sharp.
May be a bit a DOF to make it more realistic (?)

Great Render.

nice,funny image.looking at the evil black pieces,i think they would have mauled the white pieces more.whites need to broken,dirtied a bit.

I want to see that chess set, would be fun to play with. nice job!

Thank You all for Your comments.

@3dementia - Yes. That’s the Queen :). The idea was to make her powerful and the king was supposed to make contrast (small and somehow funny). Also thanks for other tips. If I will be re-making that scene I will definitly make use of them.

@teldredge - Rendered with LuxRender 0.8. I know about teeth, but Lux didn’t do what I wanted with (kind of) metal material. Maybe I will try to repair it in GIMP a little bit soon.

@spailler Glad You like it. DOF is quite a good idea. Maybe I will do some testing.

@Крис Thanks :wink:

Cool image, I like it. The white pieces could use faces too, tho :slight_smile: