Chess! (Yay)

'kay, So I got thinking of chess one day, and I was like, ooh, I could blender that. I didn’t really have much experience with Blender at that point, so it didn’t get off the ground until maybe a couple days ago. So, I’l let y’alls see what I have so far.

Done in Blender Internal ray calculation. It doesn’t look like that now, but I haven’t done another render yet. I added Rooks and a Bishop, but I’m getting stuck on modelling the knight.

The other peices are pretty simple shapes, but horseheads don’t really lend themselves to quick modelling. =.

You can see some weirdness on the body of the king, that’s fixed, not sure about the oval blip on its collar though. The pieces opposite are now darkened, smoked glass style. The smoky effect didn’t come out well in the above render somehow, I’m in the process of maing it look better.

Tips, suggestions, comments, all are good. The one thing I’m having nuts over is the knight. <— The .BLEND file, in case you want to take a look, or possibly use models or whatever.


ooh, good job!

Newest renders, got the knight in there (was a b***h to model).

I’mma work on the wood texture next, someone pointed out that it looked too stock (which is is =p)

Any ideas for something in the background to make it look a little more real?

Well, my first idea is to make the board out of marble instead of wood. Second idea is to place the chess pieces in the middle of a game instead of before the first move. Third idea is to use a wood texture for the table underneath the chess board (which will give you a place to put any pieces taken off the board during the course of the game.)

This is a really nice piece of work. Four, going on five stars. A gallery candidate for sure.

looks expensive:p
perhaps a background library scene… maby some shelves with some dusty old books
or outside buy a fountain in view of course…and id go with a marble board too…

i like it as is - clean look about it.

Grr, now you got me wanting to do a chess set… Me has an idea for an animation.

Yeah, I tried something like marble, but because the pieces’ color is determined by what they reflect/fract, and only the board was there for that, the image produced was in like, greyscale.

That shouldn’t matter once I put some sort of environment in though.
I like the idea of a library scene, since I was inspired by a chess set I saw in my school’s library =p.

I’ll definately put the pieces ingame and see how it comes out.

I see your point, but real marble is more than just white with black veins. There’s dark green marble with black veins, pink marble with white and red veins, yellow marble with dark orange veins… a lot of colorful variety. Put a color band on the marble texture and experiment. You’ll find some really good textures to use.

Ah, Imma do that, didn’t figure out how to work with textures until this afternoon. I’m chunking out the “dusty cluttered study room” room and atmosphere.

That’s what it looks like around now. I’m messing with bumpmapping, and I’ll have some sunbeams coming in through the window onto a portion of the board. It’ll have better contrast between the BG and the foreground objects too, I overlit this one.

Feel free to tell me if you feel anything is going in the wrong direction. I’m having this version as sort of a spinoff of the original chessboard.


Well, alot of the effect you’re going for will be accomplish able in post-processing, darker, dusty atmosphere, DOF, etc.The textures need to be more natural, though. Image textures spring to mind. Doesn’t look bad so far, just needs a little more dirt. :]

I don’t know. I really liked the close up. You’ve got a problem you mentioned earlier, about the pieces looking monochrome. The clear pieces are picking up black from the black squares, and the smoky pieces are picking up white from the white squares, and they are all blending together into an undifferentiated grey. Have you tried using colored stone? Pink and green? Yellow and Purple?

I think all you needed was a blurry background photo and a table to put the set on.