Final chess board. critics and opinion please.

nice job, no crits from me.
all the textures look good, not a fan of the halo, but it works to obstuct the viewer from the lack of an outside scene.

hehe, that’s why it is there

The lamp above the chest board needs to be set smooth. The board and pieces look pretty good thou.

Nice job, good job on the textues and modeling. :stuck_out_tongue:

I changed it to smooth, but it got weird.

Nice picture, but I have 2 comments:

1 It’s a bit dark, maybe it’s your intention, but I would like to see it more bright.
2 I don’t like the queen very much. Maybe you should look for some queens and pick a nicer model.

I also have a question; is this a real match or have you placed the pieces yourself?

I think the lighting needs more work … for sure the halo doesn’t fit… .but when you take a look at the chesspieces at the upper part of the chessboard and compare them to the chesspieces on the lower part of the board, the ones on the lower part seem to be floating in the air… THe once on the top look less like that… I happen to know that this is a camera / lighting thing…


The halo should be extended to the very edge of the lamp shade head thing (not sure of the name).

The inside of the lamp-head (we’ll call it) is either white or a very reflective metalic colour to ‘spread out’ the light of the lamp (although it’s not really a lamp, I guess).


Really great work!

Just one little crit, and I think what md01 was getting at with the ligting: there doesn’t appear to be any cast shadows by the chess pieces onto the board. Maybe turn on AO to enhance this effect? (if its already on, then maybe a bit of a tweak?)

Your textures are very rich and interesting… nice!

4 suggestions: Add a background scene, set smooth the lamp model, diversify the textures, and turn up the spec and/or hard on the cheesboard on itself, or remove its reflectiveness.