A futuristic chess scene I made for the tc-rtc contest. It got 5th, so I wanted to see what everyone thought.


Cool! Most of the scene is great. Nice job with the details. The old man on the left looks kind of dead, though. It kind of looks like it was just a makehuman mesh all by itself, with almost no editing. He could use a better “old man” facial shape, a wrinkled normal map, and a better facial pose. good work everywhere else, though.

I like the overall feel to this, i like the way that inside you’ve got the old feel of a 1930’s english first class train carrage, and then set it out in space. I’m getting a distinct starwars vibe where cozy home feeling and space travel come together.

A few crits, the stars in the backgrouns could do with changin for something a lttile bit more realistic, same for the general space backgorund texture, although the planet looks just fine. Obviously you need to see some face tutorials and texturng face tutorials because you human looks like some kind of plastic manakin, also the way the legs and arms bend is totally artifical. The space under the table is too black, it needs something a littel brighter down there, although it does currently serve to make the scene moodier.