Here is my first render on this forum…

I always wanted to make a chess game… and so tadaaa - there it is… :wink:
It was rendered with BI, Blender 2.61

C&C are welcome. :slight_smile:

That is awesome blender internal, nice!

Definitely on the good side. You have squeezed all BI has to offer, by now.

Thanks for the nice comments. I also like this render and spent a lot of time on this. :slight_smile:


Very good! Just 2 very little things: table texture seems a little stretched and the pawns have the texture at the same position, if you rotate them a little will be more “natural”.

yeah, you’re right with the pawns. I did this rotation in my addon project Chess Dragon ( in another thread now). Also I played a little bit chess, so that it was a bit more living position.

That the table tex is stretched I cannot see. But I am really not the best texturing guy… :wink:

Well, to be honest i’m not really good at texturing, and about the table that was my first impression :eyebrowlift: