Chessboard finally final

This is the last render of my chessboard. If you have a good memory, you’ll remember that the dof was plain bad. When trying to render with REAL dof, it took 240 hours on my poor machine(P2 300 64 RAM) on lightflow. Since I have a bought a new machine (P4 1900 256 RAM), I tried again, and it took only(??) 12 hours.

I left left the old render so you can compare.

comments? suggestions?


Yes, I remember.
I liked it then, but now I love it :smiley: :smiley:

  1. pofo

I remember your old one. I still like them both! Very nice job. I don’t understand what the obsession with chessboards that the blender communtity has is anyway. I’ve modeled more than my fair share.

Yea! I do remember… wow a 20 times increase in speed!!!


It is me or the foremost pieces are floating few millimeters above chessboard?


I think that’s just the depth of the reflection/refraction. Isn’t there some felt on the bottom of those peices though?