ChessBoard (WIP)

(hannibar) #1

This is a WIP of a chessboard I’m making.
If you have comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to write them down.

PS : The tower mesh is a little screwed, so don’t pay attention to it.

(sten) #2

wow, that looks really nice !!

but maybe it would be more light in the scene…but it looks really great !!


(SKPjason) #3

I think the light levels are perfect - they impart quite a mood for the overall picture. Perhaps you culd turn the “filter” up on the envmap for the chessboard tho… the reflections seem a little too clear and crisp…

Overall tho, quite an accomplishment. I think you’re coming along great! :slight_smile:


(microkid88) #4

Very cool, I agree with the other two that it could use more light on the black peices so you can see more details and the reflections are a bit too detailed.

(malefico) #5

yup yup yup reflections are too high, lowering a little that Col slider will help. I love the image, pieces look great. Mmmm radiosity ? looks really good.

Keep it up.


(BlenderGame) #6

I liek the lighting and textures a bunch, modelling aint htat bad too. ^_’

(overextrude) #7

I agree with the others…nice image, good lighting, BUT…it really seems like that glass is on the wrong side of the board - because of its placement, I’m not sure if if it’s the glass or the board that I should be focused on.

(theeth) #8

nice modelling!

What version of the lightflow export did you use?


(Happydud) #9

it look fabulous, but there are a few chess things you need to fix.
The King and Queens are on the wrong spot. It is Queen to color (white queen, white square, black queen black square)
And i think the board is sideways (the white square should always be on whites left side).

But other than that, it looks great!

(theresnothi) #10


I especially like the glass. Well done, I can’t tell that its CG, though i know it is

(S68) #11

Really nice, a bit dark, overall, but maybe that’s my monitor… I cannot get any detail at all on the black pieces, maybe a little ligh highlights… more spec… don’t know


(hannibar) #12

thanks for the tips everyone.

Happy Dud : thanks for pointing that : I didn’t know that.

Theeth : I don’t really know what version it is, probably the latest.

overextruded : The problem is that if I place the glass on the other side of the board, it’s totally out of sight.

(stephen2002) #13

The glass looks real exept for the dark spot underneath the glass. Unless it is sitting on top of something.

(hannibar) #14

No, the black spot is a bug i still want to fix. I think it’s a reflection of the wine, but I’m not sure.