Chessboard (with .blend)

Hello, in the last days i’ve been making a chess scene as a modeling exercise. This was the first one i did, with a modern chess set

And this one is another variant, with different lighting, a classic chess set and some strange fantasy - magic involved, like glowing lights and flying pieces :-)…

though this second one has room for improvement, i like the lighting but i wasn’t really able to recreate the idea i had in mind

The wood material for the table is a procedural one made by Gabriel de Laubier (

If anyone is interested i have uploaded the .blend file on my gumroad page, 100% free

For me this was an exercise and now that it’s done i will probably not use the file again, but maybe these models can be useful to someone else, so here they are :slight_smile:

i have not made a wireframe version yet so i’m uploading this AO one, and there are a few other images here on artstation

Beautiful! Thanks for the credits :slight_smile: I think I like the second version best
And thanks for sharing the .blend!