I’m striving for perfection with my new project. After 5 mins of work, here’s my first chesspiece, t3h p4wnz00r! LOL! >_>

The higher the number, the more recent the modelThe Pawn:

The Bishop: <yeey, 10!> <With comment from atm-matt>
/Going to sleep, seeya tomorrow!/
If you’re gonna comment, be useful. Yes comments that “it looks nice” or something like that, are nice, but rather tell me that “this could be better, if you changed the…”. If you’re totally happy with it, you can also say that ofcourse. First I’ll do the modeling on the chesspieces.

Thanks In Advance!

this could be better, if you changed the…” Maybe make the neck (under the head and collar) a touch larger diameter. Also shortened the whole thing maybe 5%. Well shorten everything but the head because that needs to remain spherical. “it looks nice”.

I am in dear need of help!

Here <clicky> is my knight. I have, however, no CLUE on where to start! How do I model this complex piece?


well, just make a simple version

Yes that’d be best, I know, but I’d really like to learn more blender! Do you know how I could create it? Any tools you can recommend for the nose perhaps?

Set that one, or maybe thisone as background image. Trace it with vertice, fill it, then extrude it. Add loopcuts and define the shape untill you’re satisfied.
Then connect it to the round part.

That’s how I’d do it I think. Hope it helps

Trace it with vertice --done

fill it --create faces? :S What do you mean?

extrude it --k

Add loopcuts --Errrr… I know what they are, but what are you refering to? How does this come in handy?

And define the shape untill you’re satisfied --Define the shape? What?

Could you explain those points? I’d be very much appreciated.

Here’s what I have so far:

Meanwhile progress:



Lady: <hehe>

Any comments or suggestions?

Well yoeri, as you can see, my “knight”, traced and filled like you said (I guess), turned out rather ugly. :frowning: Could anyone give me more tips on how to model a knight/horse or any other stuff that can’t be made with extrude/rotate/scale? Thanks!