My first serious render. I Started using blender 2 weeks ago.

Where are comments?

Comments take time. Sometimes weeks, sometimes immediate.

That being said I will have a crack at it.

i personally like the material you have, not sure of what look you are going for, so I can’t say if you achieved that or not. When I look at this image, I am thinking these are glass with colored material inside it. Like a blown type of glass with color inlays.

However, as stated, I am not sure what type of look your going for. If any other material you were going after then your gloss is way to high. Subtle is always better. The ground itself is more like a mirror, which throws it.

is this for a study, product or meant for an entire scene?

you been using blender for two weeks, with that being said, the model itself looks good. Keep learning.

What renderer are you using?

The colors look a bit blown out, like the white on the pieces. Is it a reflection of the light or a white plane? You may want to consider using fresnel reflection on the pieces to get a nicer look.

The modelling looks pretty interesting though.

Patience is a Virtue

I do not like the reflectivity I think it is a distraction from the model. The materials look way too saturated, The designs of the models are ok. I don’t really care for the knight, king, queen, or pawn at all. The bishop and rook look good. I am assuming this is just a study in blender as the image does not tell a story at all.

All and all, good job for 2 weeks with Blender.

This was made with blender render and the point was only to study different ways to model.

Hi! This looks great! Is this rendered with Cycles?

No it’s rendered with blender render.